Critical thinking, supreme writing and fabulous visual declaration skills are the hallmarks of Unique Institute of Journalism & Media Technology (UNIJMAT). These are considered as the topmost and practical orientation qualities in the world.

The few practical courses were taught in 2020. All UNIJMAT courses have been developed and backed with internship with programs with reputable organisations.

About 90% of our courses are practical and the first of its kind in Ghana. UNIJMAT has blended modern Technologies by using USA and UK practical training culture, UK practical as well as Ghanaian practical training culture with innovation to inculcate solid training principles for our students.

UNIJMAT is preparing students for the practical and digital age. Our school has up to date state-of-the-art equipment which offers students with practical skills. The school offers Training rooms of different sizes is designed for different practical purposes, these training rooms are of standard sizes which includes a modern Radio and TV Studio, Computer laboratory, Video conferencing room, computerized long distance (online) learning labs and library. Each training room is equipped with standard equipment: digital smart boards and a trainer podium with installed computer, LCD screen, mouse and electronic digital remote control. Also the rooms have ceiling mounted projector, internet, mounted projection screen, speakers and intercom. In addition to the modern equipment, other technologies provided within the training rooms are digital cameras, a video camera, a wireless keyboard and mouse and pointing devices, laptop computer, tablets, and electronic computer storage devices